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Last Updated: March 26 2021 17:51

Beacon Keyer

G1SLE Beacon Keyer
G1SLE Beacon Keyer

I have now added a beacon keyer to the product list.

Update, 17th September 2008

I have recently made a couple of improvements to the beacon keyer. It occurred to me that this hardware could relatively easily generate Hellschrieber (Feld Hell) and this has now been implemented.

Around the same time I received a request from Gunnar, SM5IUF to use the reserved input to select a second set of beacon texts. This has also now been included.

Updated documentation is below.


The keyer is a self contained PCB roughly 65mm square. The beacon texts are user programmable via the RS232 serial port. The keyer generates not only a simple on/off keying output but also a keyed audio tone output. The provision of a keyed audio tone output makes the unit suitable not only for keying an FSK or on/off keyed propagation beacon but also for operation as an automated 'fox' transmitter for two-metre fox hunts. The keyer is provided with an inhibit input which will freeze the keyer when active (pulled to ground). This makes the G1SLE keyer ideally suited to providing the beacon function on UK 23cms repeater beacons, with the repeater controllers PTT output being used to suspend beacon operation when the repeater is active. The audio tone output may be either on/off or frequency shift keyed with shifts of 170, 425 and 850 Hz being provided. Beacons may be in Morse code from 5 to 35 WPM or in 50 baud RTTY. Full Morse and RTTY alphabets including punctuation are supported.

Construction details are here:

A complete kit of all PCB mounted parts is available at £48.70 including UK postage.

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