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Last Updated: March 26 2021 17:51

Mk1 Repeater Controller

This area is maintained as a support resource for the many repeater groups who have chosen to use my repeater controller, here you will find parts list, FAQs, PCB overlay, schematic diagram and all the stuff that used to be on the now defunct www.g1sle.freeserve.co.uk website.

I've also included a photograph of a completed board, in true Blue Peter fashion 'one that I did earlier' of course 'you will have time to do yours properly'.

Related documents are available in both HTML format for online viewing and PDF format for printing.

Mk1 Repeater Controller
Click image to view full size.
Document Format
Frequently Asked Questions HTML PDF
Features HTML PDF
Parts Information HTML PDF
Parts List HTML PDF
Overlay Diagram   PDF (61 kb)
Schematic Diagram   PDF (30 kb)

The MK1 board is now out of production, I don't intend to have any more PCBs made or to provide any further software updates. Of course I'll be happy to provide 8751s programmed up for anybody wanting to change callsigns on existing boards.
I can either supply a new chip or program yours if you return it to me. New chips are £15 and reprogramming is £5 both + 75p P&P.

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