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Last Updated: March 26 2021 17:51

My Heros

Everybody has some heros surely? Here are a few of mine in no special order. Click names to view photos.

Stephen Hawking - because he has a wicked sense of humour and a 'brain the size of a planet'.

Albert Einstein - pretty similar reasons to Hawking, he did research on the back of an old envelope that others took millions of pounds and years of effort to get wrong.

Fred Dibnah - A down to earth bloke who wasn't afraid to speak his mind, and what he said usually made a lot of sense, even if it wasn't strictly PC.

Wallice (the windows) - A Great British inventor in our finest traditions. What do you mean he's not real. How dare you!

Barnes Wallis - Another Great British inventor and engineer, the R100, the Wellington bomber and many more. Anybody who can convince somebody to go for a 7 ton bomb that bounces across a lake must know how to get his point across.

Issac Newton - A bit of a weirdo but anybody who invents calculus over a weekend to solve a problem just for a bet has to deserve some respect.

An Unknown Protester - The picture says it all here really, what can I say about an unarmed bloke who stops a line of tanks by standing in the way, when the first tank moved to one side, so did he, two or three times. I wonder where he is now ...

Pilock Corp. - Spotted at this years CeBit show in Hannover, anybody who trades under the name Pilock Corporation has to be a hero!

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