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Last Updated: March 26 2021 17:51

Problem Page

Apparently a small minority of users of GB3DY in particular but also GB3EE have some sort of problem with the provision of the voice switch service. It would also appear that a very small number (perhaps just one) has taken to causing deliberate interference to GB3DY, EE and the switch. I'm not particularly concerned that these individuals are breaking the terms of their licenses and inviting prosecution, I'm much more concerned to understand exactly what the objection is to the provision of this service.

I'm having trouble understanding just what the objection is to providing the users of both repeaters with the facility (on a take or leave basis) to link the two together the enhance coverage.

I would therefore welcome comments, observations and suggestions via this website. You are welcome to contact me to express your point of view via the contact me link on this site. If you feel that you are unable to stand up and be counted please feel free to fill in your details as anonymous, I will then post any reply along with your full and unedited remarks on this section of the site. I will be genuinely happy to publish your unedited remarks in full, only reserving the right to replace any profanities you may choose to use with *****. What I will not do, and I have the support of the repeater keepers in this, is remove what is proving for many users to be an interesting and useful additional service, unless of course your comments persuade me otherwise!

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